1) You are allowed to take up space. You are a human.

2) You are allowed to have a voice.

3) You are allowed to leave whenever you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

4) You deserve more than someone who doesn’t know how to respect you.

5) You are allowed to put your own needs first.

6) You are allowed to love yourself.

—    6:11 p.m. (Six reminders for bad times)

(via une-ame-fatiguee)

“ I have a bad habit
of clinging to rubble
from our aftermath.
The debris digs into
arms tightly wrapped
around photo frames
and notebooks filled
with tear-stained poetry.

I cling to it all as tightly as
the idea that the stones
and dust may form a clear
picture of your face again. ”

—    Noor Shirazie

“ So, the world is fine. We don’t have to save the world—the world is big enough to look after itself. What we have to be concerned about, is whether or not the world we live in, will be capable of sustaining us in it. That’s what we need to think about. ”

—    Douglas Adams